WhatsApp* Launches In-App Business Directory in Brazil

WhatsApp* Launches In-App Business Directory in Brazil
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Consumers in Brazil will be able to find local companies in the directory, communicate and transact with them directly on WhatsApp.

Brazil is the first country in the world where the firm is introducing the feature. It has been tested in Sao Paulo since 2021.

With the new features, Brazilian users of the messaging tool will also be able to view products and initiate conversations with sellers. In partnership with local acquirers such as Cielo and Mercado Pago, WhatsApp is also set to enable consumers to buy from businesses within the app.

WhatsApp is also providing the ability to find larger businesses in the app as well. According to TechCrunch, the feature has launched in several markets (Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and the U.K.) and will allow users to browse businesses by categories such as banking, food and drink, travel and more.

WhatsApp is actively trying to transform itself from just a messaging service to a commercial mechanism. According to the company, as of October 2020, more than 175 million people worldwide every day messaged a WhatsApp Business account. 

It is estimated that Brazil concentrates approximately 165 million WhatsApp users, according to research by Opinion Box/Mobile Time, from August 2022. The messaging tool is installed in 99% of smartphones, and it is the country's most frequently used app.

*WhatsApp belongs to Meta, which is banned and designated as "extremist" Russia.

Sources:  TechCrunch, Forbes

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