Fighting Cyber-Attacks with Sanctions: New Threats, Old Responses

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13.07.2021 1175
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Fighting Cyber-Attacks with Sanctions: New Threats, Old Responses

This paper contributes to the understanding of why states resort to ‘good old’ sanctions to meet the relatively new threat of cyber intrusions and whether this type of response is a forced measure or an effective tool to halt, prevent and punish attacking states. The tools of analysis used in this paper are legal positivism, and political and economic theories, including Mancur Olson’s theory of groups, Francesco Giumelli’s analytical framework for sanction assessment, cost-benefit analysis and game theory. The authors address the effectiveness of sanctions as a reaction to cyber-enabled activities through the lens of regulation introduced in the US and the EU, which are the most developed counter-cyber sanction regimes, analyzing publicly known cases of cyber-related sanctions.

Law. LAW. HSE Publishing House, 2020. No. 96.

Rusinova V.Martynova E.Kurakina P.

sanctions  cyber operations  cybersecurity  retorsion  

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