Killer Acquisitions and Other Forms of Anticompetitive Collaborations in Time of Corona

16.01.2022 815
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Working paper

Preprint of the WP22 "BRICS Competition Law and Policy Series" dedicated to the discussion of national and global problems of competition development and development of fundamentally new methodological approaches to regulation in the context of large-scale transformation of key markets. 

This research paper examines ‘killer acquisitions’ and other detrimental collaborations. Acquisitions today represent collaborations rather than clear cut change of control of businesses and assets. Sellers may retain a minority post and management often are included as shareholders through share or option programmes as part of the acquisitions. This  two-part paper examines similar forms of detrimental collaborations using the pharmaceutical industry as an example.

Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2021

Lundqvist B.

Editors of the Series WP22 BRICS ‘Competition Law and Policy Series‘: Ivanov A., Voinikanis E., Avdasheva S.

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pharmaceutical markets 

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