Round Table on World Experience in Improving the Public Procurement Efficiency

Round Table on World Experience in Improving the Public Procurement Efficiency

On October 6, a round table entitled "World experience in improving the efficiency of public procurement. Efficient public procurement: goals, resources, evaluation, control. State policy in the sphere of public procurement — a high-precision tool for regulating the domestic market" took place at the HSE University. The event was organized by the BRICS Competition Centre.

Public procurement is one of the important elements of the system to support economic and social stability. In the context of globalization and digitalization, the public procurement sector is facing new challenges and opportunities related to the development of science, technology and innovation. For example, technology can be used in public procurement to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of contracting and execution processes, as well as to improve the efficiency of control and reporting. Experiments and projects are already underway in various countries to use blockchain and smart contracts in public procurement.

Procurement legislation is also being improved. By proposing projects to reform the public procurement system, different countries are striving to make it more transparent and to ensure equal access to procurement for participants, which will contribute both to improving the efficiency of entrepreneurs and saving budgetary funds and funds of state-owned companies.

The roundtable discussed how the reforms of national public procurement systems in most countries and the transition to digitalization had affected the efficiency of public procurement in market economies, as well as considered new instruments of regulation and control in the field of public procurement. The event allowed participants not only to share their experience in public procurement in their countries, but also to learn about current global trends, approaches and best practices in this area.

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