The VII BRICS International Competition Conference

The VII BRICS International Competition Conference was held from 16th to 17th November 2021 in China.

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Russia and Kazakhstan created a joint platform in the BRICS+ format

On October 7, 2021, within the framework of the VII Eurasian Antimonopoly Forum, an agreement on strategic partnership of the Centre was signed with the International Center for Competition Law, Innovation and Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre

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15.11.2021 Report
Combatting Cross-Border Cartels: Empirical Study
The second edition of the Study accumulates experience of 50 competition authorities world-wide
Pozdnyakova A.
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latest publications

13.07.2021 Working paper
Fighting Cyber-Attacks with Sanctions: New Threats, Old Responses
Rusinova V., Martynova E., Kurakina P.
Law. LAW. Высшая школа экономики, 2020. No. 96.
13.07.2021 Book
From Reserve Currencies to Reserves of Critical Goods: Designing a New BRICS International Currency
Molodyko K.
BRICS Law Journal. 2020. Vol. 7. No. 4. P. 67-84.