Global Food Value Chains and Competition Law: Book Launch

Worldwide launch of the book "Global Food Value Chains and Competition Law” (Cambridge University Press, January 2022) took place on December 13, 2021 as part of the meeting of the BRICS Working Group for Research on Food Value Chains. The topic of this Working Group meeting is “Price Volatility in Global Food Markets: How Could Competition Authorities Respond?”

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BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre

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Russia and Kazakhstan created a joint platform in the BRICS+ format

On October 7, 2021, within the framework of the VII Eurasian Antimonopoly Forum, an agreement on strategic partnership of the Centre was signed with the International Center for Competition Law, Innovation and Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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20.01.2022 Working paper
Introducing Patent Linkage in Russia: An Odd Choice at Odd Times
The research paper critically reviews the draft proposal that would introduce patent linkage to Russia’s drug approval system. The authors conclude that the new initiative reveals its total incompatibility with the priorities of public policy in the field of intellectual property and health care that came to light thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kotova D., Gavrilova O. Editors of the Series: Ivanov A., Voinikanis E., Avdasheva E.
Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2021
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16.01.2022 Working paper
Killer Acquisitions and Other Forms of Anticompetitive Collaborations in Time of Corona
This research paper examines so-called ‘killer acquisitions’ and other detrimental collaborations. Other forms of collaborations, such as strategic R&D alliances, can create similar effects as these forms of collaborative acquisitions. This research report examines similar forms of collaborations using the pharmaceutical industry as an example.
Lundqvist B. Editors of the Series: Ivanov A., Voinikanis E., Avdasheva S.
Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2021
15.11.2021 Report
Combatting Cross-Border Cartels: Empirical Study
The second edition of the Study accumulates experience of 50 competition authorities world-wide. More attention needs to be paid to the challenges the competition authorities face in fighting cross-border cartels. It is also important to elaborate common understanding on ways to overcome those challenges. The BRCIS Centre continues the research and deeply dives into the experience of both developed and developing countries related to cross-border cartel enforcement.
Pozdnyakova A.