Judicial Protection of the Right For Account in Russia

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19.06.2023 2587
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Judicial Protection of the Right For Account in Russia

The article considers a new issue for the court practice of protection of the right to the account (account) of the Internet platform. A study of Russian jurisprudence on this issue suggests that this right should not be considered solely in the context of civil law relations but is also a protected constitutional right guaranteed by article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The author notes a lack of awareness among citizens and organizations of the methods of protecting their rights, the need to increase access of all persons whose rights are violated to the various ways of protecting this right, the need for greater attention to the problem by the regulator, ways to increase the effectiveness of appropriate protection.

Quarterly journal "Works on Intellectual Property", Volume 45, Issue 2, 2023, P. 17-24

Diskin E. I.

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