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14.04.2022 Article
Fake News as a Political and Legal Phenomenon
The article explores the concept of fake news as one of the phenomena of digital transformation in its legal and legal dimensions. The author examines the genesis of the phenomenon of fake news, the rapid transition from the use of this term in the political struggle to the legal consolidation and application, despite the rather vague criteria of what can be considered a fake.
Diskin E. I.
Law Journal. 2022. P.108-120
20.01.2022 Working paper
Introducing Patent Linkage in Russia: An Odd Choice at Odd Times
The research paper critically reviews the draft proposal that would introduce patent linkage to Russia’s drug approval system. The authors conclude that the new initiative reveals its total incompatibility with the priorities of public policy in the field of intellectual property and health care that came to light thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Kotova D., Gavrilova O. Editors of the Series: Ivanov A., Voinikanis E., Avdasheva E.
Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2021
16.01.2022 Working paper
Killer Acquisitions and Other Forms of Anticompetitive Collaborations in Time of Corona
This research paper examines so-called ‘killer acquisitions’ and other detrimental collaborations. Other forms of collaborations, such as strategic R&D alliances, can create similar effects as these forms of collaborative acquisitions. This research report examines similar forms of collaborations using the pharmaceutical industry as an example.
Lundqvist B. Editors of the Series: Ivanov A., Voinikanis E., Avdasheva S.
Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2021
15.11.2021 Report
Combatting Cross-Border Cartels: Empirical Study
The second edition of the Study accumulates experience of 50 competition authorities world-wide. More attention needs to be paid to the challenges the competition authorities face in fighting cross-border cartels. It is also important to elaborate common understanding on ways to overcome those challenges. The BRCIS Centre continues the research and deeply dives into the experience of both developed and developing countries related to cross-border cartel enforcement.
Pozdnyakova A.
13.07.2021 Working paper
Fighting Cyber-Attacks with Sanctions: New Threats, Old Responses
This paper contributes to the understanding of why states resort to ‘good old’ sanctions to meet the relatively new threat of cyber intrusions and whether this type of response is a forced measure or an effective tool to halt, prevent and punish attacking states. The tools of analysis used in this paper are legal positivism, and political and economic theories, including Mancur Olson’s theory of groups, Francesco Giumelli’s analytical framework for sanction assessment, cost-benefit analysis and game theory.
Rusinova V., Martynova E., Kurakina P.
Law. LAW. Высшая школа экономики, 2020. No. 96.
13.07.2021 Book
From Reserve Currencies to Reserves of Critical Goods: Designing a New BRICS International Currency
The book provides a brief analysis of the catastrophic consequences that the current design of reserve currencies has led to for the world economy. The second part demonstrates the efforts being made to de-dollarize settlements by both the BRICS, the EU, and the EAEU countries.
Molodyko K.
BRICS Law Journal. 2020. Vol. 7. No. 4. P. 67-84.
13.07.2021 Book
Ежегодник конституционной экономики. 2019
Сборник статей ученых из многих регионов России посвящен различным аспектам применения подходов научного направления конституционная экономика в изучении актуальных вопросов конституционного права и конституционализма.
Научный редактор: Г. А. Гаджиев Ответственный редактор: А. А. Ливеровский Составитель: А. А. Ливеровский
М.: Лум, 2020.
13.07.2021 Article
Competition Law for a Complex Economy
​As the global economy is incurring a process of transformation by the ongoing “fourth industrial revolution”, competition law is traversing a “liminal” moment, a period of transition during which the normal limits to thought, self-understanding and behaviour are relaxed, opening the way to novelty and imagination, construction and destruction. This paper studies the convergence and the remaining divergences of European competition and sector regulation in the electronic communications sector.
Lianos I.
IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law. 2019. P. 1-6.
01.01.2021 Report
Computational Competition Law and Economics: Issues, Prospects
This research report examines the impact of the use of computational techniques (e.g. Big Data, AI, machine learning, deep learning) and computational economics (e.g. complex economics, systems analysis) in competition law enforcement, and explores the possibilities for more active and targeted competition law enforcement if such techniques are systematically used in the future.
Ioannis Lianos
21.12.2020 Book
Selection 2.0
The book presents the results of the "Selection 2.0" research project aimed at studying the key aspects of breeding and seed industry functioning in Russia. The project analyzes the current situation in the industry, identifies barriers and bottlenecks in its development, and develops proposals for its overcoming. For the first time the authors describe the structure of the Russian breeding market for nine crops, give ratings of varieties and hybrids according to the set of characteristics, compiled by the results of the survey of agricultural producers.
Science editors: Ivanov A., Kharchenko M., Kulikov R. Team leaders: Ivanov A., Kharchenko M., Kulikov R.
Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2020.
02.11.2020 Article
Islamic finance and food commodity trading: is there a chance to hedge against price volatility and enhance food security?
This paper evaluates current food commodity trading from the Shariah point of view, which is particularly relevant for the MENA region. It focuses on futures contracts as the main instrument for grain trading and analyzes the traders’ activities. Through a qualitative and multifaceted approach, the paper accumulates and evaluates the suggestions for 15 Shariah-based alternatives to futures by contemporary researchers.
Калимуллина М. Э., Орлов М. П.
Heliyon. 2020. Vol. 6. No. 11. P. E05355.
08.10.2020 Book
Научно-практический комментарий к Федеральному закону «О защите конкуренции» (постатейный)
Настоящий научно-практический комментарий к Федеральному закону «О защите конкуренции» подготовлен ведущими юристами и экономистами, профессионально занимающимися вопросами антимонопольного регулирования.
Ответственный редактор: И. Ю. Артемьев Под общей редакцией: И. В. Золотарёв, С. А. Пузыревский, Е. С. Хохлов, Г. П. Чернышов
М.: Статут, 2015.