Fake News as a Political and Legal Phenomenon

14.04.2022 2104
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What this article deals with is the phenomenon of “fake news” in its legal and political interpretation during digital transformation. Author examines genesis of the “fake news”, rapid shift from political use of this term to legal enshrinement, application despite quite vague criteria of the legal understanding of what is, and what is not “fake news”. The article answers the question — is the phenomenon of “fake news” the worst outcome of the global internet freedom or it is a useful legal tool for the Western political elites in their unfair political struggle? The articles also examines adequacy of the term “fake news” as a framework for the regulation of the social networks and internet as platform for sharing information, gives propositions of other terms for such use, assesses risks of following current trends in combating fake news.

Law Journal. №3, 2022. P. 108-120

Diskin E. I.

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digital markets  Russia 

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