Approaches to Antitrust Regulation of Entrepreneurial Activities of Digital Platform Owners

Digital Markets
25.01.2024 2180
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Competition authorities around many jurisdictions are taking steps to develop legal approaches to antitrust analysis of economic activities of digital platforms owners. However, when applying these approaches the particular impact is not always effective and leads to positive effects for the competition law enforcement on the relevant commodity markets.

The article provides a comprehensive analysis of legal framework of antitrust regulators in some jurisdictions during investigations against transaction digital platform owner called Amazon based on abuse of a dominant position on the relevant commodity markets, as well as the conclusion of anticompetitive agreements.

Legal approaches in competition law enforcement for determining market power and product and geographic boundaries of the commodity market where the owner of the digital transaction platform operates are also explored.

The article states that the main criteria of the market power of digital transaction platform owner is still a volume of market share.

The Article deals with issue of legal interpretation of digital platform owner particular actions on product market from competition law points of view and at the same time evaluates the effectiveness level of remedies have been taken by competition authorities in some jurisdictions.

Scientific and practical journal "Russian Competition Law and Economy", №4, 2023, p. 32-43

Maslov A.

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