Alibaba's Quark Search Engine Fined for Harmful Content

Alibaba's Quark Search Engine Fined for Harmful Content
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The fine came in the week after the regulator announced it would require platforms to do more to protect minors from questionable content, starting on January 1st 2024. 

Alibaba-operated search engine Quark has been fined and ordered to remove harmful content from its platform after a regulatory investigation found it was hosting pornographic information, according to China's Cyberspace Administration (CAC).

The CAC issued a statement, saying that the Quark platform failed to comply with relevant management requirements, as it displayed a significant amount of obscene and pornographic information in search results and recommended explicit and vulgar keywords to users.

As a result, Quark was fined 500,000 yuan ($68,330), and the CAC ordered the cyberspace department in Guangdong province to hold discussions with Quark's representatives.

Quark responded by stating that it takes the punishment seriously and has initiated a comprehensive rectification process. The company has established a dedicated team to enhance inspections, upgraded its system to identify harmful content, and improved content review procedures using both manual and technical methods. Quark has also committed to further enhancing its management to provide users with high-quality, safe, and healthy content.

Additionally, the CAC ordered the livestreaming platform to suspend the update of dance-related content for seven days after it was discovered to have hosted vulgar material.

Source: China Daily

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