CADE Develops a System to Simplify Notification for Merger Reviews

CADE Develops a System to Simplify Notification for Merger Reviews
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E-Notifica automates the applicants’ collection and filling in of information, said CADE in a press release.

E-Notifica is a tool for the automation of transactions under a summary proceeding. On the platform, applicants can submit forms, which are automatically sent to CADE. This improvement in the system is timesaving and provides companies with more accurate information. In 2023, 594 transactions were submitted to CADE for reviews.

The tool is linked to the Brazilian government and CADE’s database, offering more efficient and integrated user experience. Thus, inserting the National Register of Corporate Taxpayers Number(CNPJ) of one of the companies involved in the transaction will automatically update all its mergers previously reviewed by CADE. Moreover, it is possible to track which information is missing, so the user can send the notification.

Another facility is the "limited-access" feature of the text editor, which allows the selection of excerpts to be viewed either by one of the parties or the antitrust authority restrictively.

For Alexandre Barreto, CADE’s Superintendent-General, the innovation is a milestone in the antitrust policy. 

“I'm sure that, in the short run, we'll be asking ourselves how we managed to report in the previous format," 

he said.  

The system is expected to reduce the amount of amendments, requests for information, and review time, easing the validation of given information and the fee payment, among others.

Under the provisions of the Brazilian Competition Law, mergers and acquisitions must be notified to CADE if at least one of the parties involved in the transaction had a gross turnover or a total volume of business in Brazil of equal to or over BRL 750 million, and of equal to or over BRL 75 million, for at least one more party involved in the year preceding the transaction.

CADE is to establish a summary proceeding for cases that are considered simple and unlikely to result in competitive harm. CADE’s decision to classify a merger as a summary proceeding is in accordance with the timely and suitable criteria. 


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