CADE Launches Updated Study on Mergers in Supplementary Health Care Markets

CADE Launches Updated Study on Mergers in Supplementary Health Care Markets
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Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) on 11th of January launched the 14th issue of the Cadernos do CADE series, entitled "Acts of concentration in the markets of health plans, hospitals and diagnostic medicine". The publication is an updated and revised version of a study carried out in 2018, which addressed mergers in the supplementary health supply chain markets.

The update of the study is justified by the social and economic importance of the sector and includes new aspects about the dynamics of the area's functioning and how CADE has responded to its transformations. From a social point of view, the publication points out, for example, that in 2020 alone, the number of beneficiaries of medical-hospital health plans exceeded 47 million, and the beneficiaries of exclusively dental plans reached 27 million. In the last four years, the sector has experienced an intense process of mergers and acquisitions, which led CADE to analyze and issue decisions on 126 mergers involving these markets.

The issue is divided into two parts and presents an analysis of mergers that involved the participation of companies from three segments of this chain: health plans, hospital services and diagnostic medicine services.

The first part shows the relevance of the health sector in the Brazilian economy, the distribution of the services offered by them in the regions of the country and presents a description of each of the three markets and the largest groups in the sector. The second, in turn, describes CADE's interpretations and decisions on the different aspects of the analyzes of mergers in the markets of the supplementary health supply chain.

Launched in 2015, the series of studies "Cadernos do CADE" is produced by the Department of Economic Studies of the municipality and aims to consolidate, systematize and disseminate CADE's case law regarding a specific market considering its economic and competitive aspects.

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