CADE Publishes Its 2021 Activity Report

CADE Publishes Its 2021 Activity Report
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The report, released on February 9th, by the Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) aims to present to society the results achieved by the agency in its efforts to promote free competition and combat violations against the economic order in Brazil.

"The document reinforces CADE's commitment to expand access to institutional information, in an active and transparent way, and to spread the culture of competition in the country,"

said the president of CADE, Alexandre Cordeiro.

The CADE Yearbook 2021 is an online publication, in electronic magazine format, and allows the reader to interact with the content presented, besides deepening the knowledge on the various subjects. Throughout the edition, the reader is directed to external content, such as recordings of events held in the period, releases, and other complementary material.

The yearbook is divided into three main areas of CADE's activities. 


consolidates the results of the agency in the analysis of mergers and in the repression of anticompetitive conducts, bringing numbers and the most outstanding cases of the year. It also brings together information about the main studies published and services launched in the period. 

627 mergers were registered by CADE and submitted to its analysis in 2021.
611 of these were evaluated by CADE, in an overall average period of 33 days.
25 cases of anticompetitive conduct were  judged by the agency’s Tribunal during the year.
R$ 1.3 billion in fines and pecuniary contributions were received by the country's budget as a result of these cases.

During the year, the antitrust watchdog also launched the "Guidelines for Evidence in Antitrust Leniency Agreement Proposals with CADE" and the "Clique Leniência" platform, for online receipt of requests to negotiate this type of agreement.

Institutional Cooperation: 

presents an overview of the coordinated actions with other Public Administration agencies and the performance of the Brazilian antitrust agency internationally. 

10 cooperation agreements were executed by the regulator with public institutions in 2021.
2 memorandums of understanding were signed with the antitrust authorities of India and Mexico.
5 international forums — that's how many events CADE representatives participated in during the year. Such as those promoted by the BRICS, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the International Competition Network (ICN).

CADE also held the second National Anticartel Week (Semana Nacional de Combate a Cartéis — SNCC).

Strengthening of CADE: 

presents the internal actions implemented throughout 2021 that contributed to strengthen the agency's performance and institutional recognition.

4 stars were received by CADE in the UK Global Competition Review (GCR) annual ranking for the ninth consecutive year.
The 2nd place went to CADE in the Sobratt Award competition in the Public Service category.
The 1st competition in competition law was held by the antitrust watchdog in partnership with the Women in Antitrust Network (WIA).
The list of 120  best places to work in Brazil, according to Fundação Instituto Administração (FIA) and the UOL portal, included CADE as the only public administration institution.

CADE also remains among the best antitrust agencies in the world and is considered by Global Competition Review (GCR) as the most important antitrust agency in South America.

CADE's "Guidelines Competition Compliance Program" won the Readers' Choice Awards at the 2021 Antitrust Compliance Awards, hosted by the French magazine Concurrences.

The full version of the CADE Yearbook 2021



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