CADE to Host ICN Annual Conference in 2024

CADE to Host ICN Annual Conference in 2024
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The dispute was with the UK market regulator.

On Wednesday (Jan.18), during the International Competition Network (ICN) board meeting, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) was chosen to host ICN's Annual Conference in 2024. The dispute was with the market regulator in the UK, which will also be part of the forum.

The conference will bring together international competition agencies and NGAs (Non-governmental advisors) to discuss recent aspects related to competition advocacy on cartels, mergers, unilateral conduct, advocacy, and the effectiveness of competition agencies, as well as present the results of projects carried out by the working groups that make up the network.

In 2012, the agency hosted the annual conference, which took place in Rio de Janeiro. This will be another opportunity for CADE to exercise its leadership in the international antitrust agenda.



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