CADE Will Analyze the Purchase of Feltrin and Agrocerrado by Syngenta Group

CADE Will Analyze the Purchase of Feltrin and Agrocerrado by Syngenta Group
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The companies work in agricultural production and technical assistance in the agribusiness sector. According to the law, the analysis of the transaction must be completed within 240 days.

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) announced today that it will analyze the acquisition of Feltrin and Agrocerrado by the Syngenta Group. Agrocerrado will be sold to Syngeta Comercial Agrícola and Feltrin to Syngeta Seels. 

✔️Syngenta Group operates in Brazil and worldwide in research, development, production and commercialization of defensives, chemical fertilizers and active ingredients sold independently.

✔️Feltrin, in turn, is a specialist in genetic improvement, production and commercialization of vegetable seeds worldwide. 

✔️Agrocerrado is a distributor of pesticides, adjuvants, fertilizers, nematicides, and seeds, with units located in municipalities of Minas Gerais.

In both cases, the Syngenta Group said the operation is aligned with its business strategy of being close to farmers, supporting them in their needs and ensuring they have access to all types of innovation. For Agrocerrado and Feltrin, the acquisition represents a good business opportunity and allows them to focus their resources on other activities.

Earlier in January, Syngenta announced plans to expand its production capacity in Brazil. In particular, the agrochemical company intends to acquire the production facilities of its subsidiary Ultrafine in the municipality of Indayatuba.

"We continue to believe and invest in Brazilian agriculture, which grows and generates wealth for this country, helping to feed the world sustainably,"

said Juan Pablo Llobet, LATAM President of Syngenta Crop Protection.

Sources: Gov.brAgro Pages

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