CADE's president speaks about achievements and challenges in an interview with the OECD

CADE's president speaks about achievements and challenges in an interview with the OECD
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President of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense, Alexandre Barreto, gave an interview to the Regional Competition Center of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Latin America. During the conversation, which was published in the December 2020 newsletter, Barreto addressed the municipality's achievements in recent years and issues such as national cooperation and challenges arising from the pandemic.

The Regional Competition Center document is published twice a year and shares recent experiences and developments in the Latin American and Caribbean region economies. In this edition, the president of CADE highlighted Brazil's rise to the status of a member of the OECD Competition Committee, a subject that was the subject of a publication launched by the municipality last October.

Barreto also commented on the increase in national cooperation through the various cooperation agreements signed with agencies and public institutions, important instruments for expanding communication and providing greater agility and effectiveness to government actions. Also noteworthy was the significant increase in CADE's budget, which resulted in substantial improvements for the institution.

During the interview, the president also addressed the challenges faced in the current crisis by COVID-19 and emphasized the importance of being sensitive to the problem. According to Barreto, public competition defence authorities around the world must balance their interference in the economic sphere, given that measures taken without due analysis or excessively flexible calculation standards established nationally and internationally can, under certain circumstances, be even more harmful.
The bulletin also includes in this edition the article "Brazil: New Investigation Techniques to Combat Cartels - the "Brain Project", published by CADE's superintendent-general, Alexandre Cordeiro, and by adviser Raquel Mazzuco Sant'Ana, a doctoral student in Economic Law at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).


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