Chinese Internet Firms Urged to Tighten up Data Privacy

Chinese Internet Firms Urged to Tighten up Data Privacy
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Internet users are increasingly complaining about violations of the processing of their personal data by digital platforms, the Beijing Internet Court said.

A Beijing court has urged internet companies, the defendants in most personal information lawsuits, to strengthen self-discipline and strictly regulate their behaviors while handling personal data.

From September 2018, when the Beijing Internet Court was set up, to September this year, it heard 58 disputes concerning personal information protection, of which 46 cases involved internet enterprises, according to a report issued by the court on Wednesday.

Internet users initiated lawsuits against the companies, such as those in social, search, e-commerce, education and finance, claiming that the platforms improperly handled their personal information, including names and mobile phone numbers, as well as consumption, transaction and health records, the report said.

Some financial platforms were sued for data leaks that caused users to suffer from telecom fraud, while some education apps were claimed to have forcibly collected users' personal data, it added.

"A few new types of cases involving personal information protection have also been emerging, as more people have realized the significance of safeguarding their personal data," 

Zhao Ruigang, vice-president of the court, told a news conference while introducing the report on Wednesday.

To improve the protection of personal information while promoting information development in the digital era, the judges called for internet platforms not to excessively collect the personal data of their users.

They also suggested the country's top court issue judicial interpretations to clarify how to define mental damage caused by violations of personal information.

Source: China Daily

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