Competition Commission of India has fined Maruti Suzuki

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Competition Commission of India has fined Maruti Suzuki
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India's antitrust regulator has fined about $ 27 million on Maruti Suzuki for allegedly limiting dealer discounts on its product prices. Maruti Suzuki is a subsidiary of the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki. 

On Monday, the Competition Commission of India said that Maruti Suzuki has entered into contracts that prohibit dealers from offering discounts in excess of contractual restrictions. The regulator considered this to be harmful to competition. 

According to Reuters, The Competition Commission of India forwarded its attention towards the company in 2019 started after allegations that Maruti forces its dealers to limit the discounts they offer, stifling competition among them and harming consumers who could have benefited from lower prices if dealers operated freely. The company said it will thoroughly study the commission's order and take the necessary measures in accordance with the law. 

Maruti Suzuki is the largest car manufacturer in India. This company accounts for about half of the country's total car market.

Source: Reuters


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