FAS and Wildberries Discussed the Legalization of Parallel Imports in Russia

FAS and Wildberries Discussed the Legalization of Parallel Imports in Russia
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The head of Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Maxim Shaskolsky held a meeting with CEO of Wildberries Tatiana Bakalchuk to discuss the legalization of parallel imports in Russia, said FAS on March 18.

Maksim Shaskolsky said that the department is consistently in favor of this measure and has already sent the corresponding draft resolution to the Government. After the document is adopted, the agency intends to hold a series of working meetings with major Russian marketplaces and business community.

Parallel import — import of goods that have a trademark without the permission of the owner of the trademark. Such goods are often referred to as "gray market" goods.

"Legalization of parallel imports in the current environment will increase the number of economic entities importing goods into Russia.This will saturate the domestic market with goods needed by consumers," 

said Maxim Shaskolsky.

The FAS believes that parallel imports will solve the problem of price, quality and product range discrimination from the rights holders against Russian consumers, as well as various forms of unfair competition from the official distributors of goods against importers.

It should be reminded that since February 24 over 400 foreign companies have announced their withdrawal from the Russian market or suspension of supplies to Russia.

Source: FAS

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