FAS creates the institute of antimonopoly visas

FAS creates the institute of antimonopoly visas
Source: https://fas.gov.ru/news/29967 03.08.2021 685

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has decided to encourage companies to obtain “antimonopoly certificates” (that is, compliance rules agreed by the authority) that will protect them from accusations of market dominance or collusion. FAS allowed the use of such visas in case of disputes, it follows from the explanation of the service “On the system of internal compliance with the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation”.

At the end of last year, amendments were made to the law “On Protection of Competition”, which, among other things, provided for the option of notifying or certifying business of its corporate procedures for compliance with antimonopoly legislation – the so-called antimonopoly compliance.

Such certificates are issued to companies by the FAS after analyzing their internal rules. The company cannot be recognized as violating the antimonopoly legislation if it acted in accordance with the compliance rules that were agreed by the FAS, a representative of the service confirmed.

Source: Vedomosti website

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