FAS Russia Continues to Monitor Pricing Control on Socially Important Markets

FAS Russia Continues to Monitor Pricing Control on Socially Important Markets
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FAS constantly monitors price changes at all stages of the commodity distribution chain for abuse of dominance, anti-competitive agreements or concerted actions.

Due to numerous appeals from citizens, the FAS Russia conducted checks on the sugar market. The agency revealed facts of violations of antimonopoly law both by manufacturers and by intermediaries and retail chains. Antimonopoly cases were initiated in 6 regions - in the Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Kemerovo regions, the republics of Tatarstan and Khakassia, as well as in the Krasnodar Territory. In addition, based on the results of consideration of the field inspection materials, a case was initiated against the largest sugar producer on the fact of coordinating retail chains in setting retail prices for sugar.

To prevent violations of antimonopoly legislation, the service applies preventive measures - warnings. The practice of issuing warnings is of a targeted nature — they are, in particular, issued to officials whose statements may have a negative impact on the market. Such statements can be perceived by other entrepreneurs as a guide to action and ultimately lead to an increase in prices for goods and services, even in the absence of economically justified reasons.

For the period from the beginning of March to the present, the FAS Russia has issued a number of warnings to officials in the markets of tourism services, confectionery, and household appliances. All of them publicly predicted an increase in the cost of goods and services.

In the electronics and household appliances market, after the intervention of the FAS Russia, a number of retail chains fixed prices for individual items of goods at the level of early February 2022. On the children's goods market, the “Detsky Mir” chain fixed the cost of certain items of clothing and footwear at the level of January 2022, and also reduced markups on individual products by 16% on average in the categories "baby food", "feeding and care", "diapers and hygiene".

The FAS Russia reminds that, regardless of the market situation, entrepreneurs must adhere to responsible, socially oriented market behavior. It is unacceptable to create an artificial shortage of products in order to maintain excessive demand and overpricing.

Citizens can report an increase in prices for socially significant goods to the FAS Russia hotline or similar hotlines on the websites of the territorial bodies of service. Based on the results of the analysis of information received from citizens, since the beginning of March this year, the territorial departments have already issued 81 warnings, 15 warnings, initiated 7 cases of violation of the antimonopoly law.

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