Head of Competition Commission of South Africa Meets With Business People

Head of Competition Commission of South Africa Meets With Business People
Photo: Competition Commission SA 22.06.2022 612

The meeting discussed issues related to economic growth, job creation and competition laws. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of the  South African business community, including Business Unity South Africa, Business Leadership South Africa, Black Management Forum, South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Black Business Council and Businesswomen’s Association South Africa.

Head of the Commission Tembinkosi Bonakele discussed with the business community the Commission’s focus areas and priorities for the year ahead, following the implementation of the recent amendments to the Competition Act and its implications for big business.

Mr. Bonakele emphasized that the business community plays an important role in addressing South Africa's high unemployment rate. 

“We should be changing the economic and social conditions of the country. All the interventions that we make are towards creating the South Africa that has an economy that looks after its people. The economy we have as we have doesn’t, we already outlined the numbers”, 

said the Commissioner.

Tembinkosi Bonakele recalled that the Commission has re-engineered how it does its work and is now geared towards a faster pace that uses competition laws to contribute to growth, inclusivity and to deconcentrate the South African economy.

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