Head of FAS: Cooperation of Competition Agencies Stimulates Creation of New Anti-Cartel Mechanisms

Head of FAS: Cooperation of Competition Agencies Stimulates Creation of New Anti-Cartel Mechanisms
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Maxim Shaskolsky, Head of FAS Russia, discussed it during the IV Eurasian Forum on Cartels at HSE.

Forum is one of the key platforms for the development of cooperation between the antimonopoly regulators of the EAEU countries. In addition to Russia, representatives of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan took part in the event, as well as for the first time – South Africa, Myanmar, Iran, Egypt, China, Brazil, the Philippines and Thailand.

In his welcoming address, Head of FAS Russia noted that, according to scientific community, in Russia, the damage from cartels only in the field of state and municipal procurement reaches 2 % of GDP per year, and the average amount of damage from bid-rigging is 20-22 % of the initial contract price. To strengthen the work on countering cartels, FAS Russia identifies the following key areas:

  • suppression of anticompetitive agreements at auctions, including in the implementation of National projects;
  • combating price collusion in socially significant commodity markets;
  • digitalization of fight against cartels;
  • improving the efficiency of interaction with law enforcement agencies.

As Head of FAS Russia noted, the interdepartmental program that combined the efforts of FAS Russia, law enforcement agencies, prosecutor's offices and financial control in countering anticompetitive practices has proved its effectiveness, and the experience accumulated by Russia can be applied in other countries.

Currently, a new concept of the program for 2024-2028 is being developed. It will be aimed at implementing the state policy on countering economic crimes and preventing corruption during bidding. Among other things, the program provides for expanding the format of the forum in 2025 and 2027 – not only the EAEU states, but also the BRICS countries, including new members of the association, will participate in it.

Source: FAS

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