In 2021 FAS helped the charitable foundation reduce the cost of purchased drugs by 33%

In 2021 FAS helped the charitable foundation reduce the cost of purchased drugs by 33%
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The service has been supporting the fund for almost a year in negotiations with suppliers of medicines for children with serious illnesses.

The experience of the antimonopoly department in negotiations with pharmaceutical companies on the formation of prices for orphan drugs in the framework of the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation and the activities of the Circle of Kindness Foundation was discussed by the service at the Expert Council under the FAS Russia on the development of competition in the drug and dietary supplements product markets.

So, in 2021, the service took part in the negotiations of the "Circle of Kindness" with pharmaceutical manufacturers on the purchase of 20 drugs not registered in Russia. As a result of the negotiation process, the prices for 10 of them decreased on average by 33% relative to those offered by pharmaceutical companies and up to 61% relative to the prices in effect earlier.

FAS Russia initiated a dialogue between the council's experts, the Circle of Kindness, the Russian Ministry of Health and representatives of pharmaceutical companies to discuss options for further optimizing the negotiation process. The members of the Expert Council compared foreign and Russian experience in negotiating drug pricing.

Issues were raised regarding the consideration of criteria for assessing the setting of prices and the need for the regulatory legal regulation of negotiations. The members of the Expert Council came to the decision that in the case of additional regulation and formalization of the negotiation process, the fund is unlikely to be able to achieve such positive results. The status of a legal entity allows the Circle of Kindness to conduct negotiations within the framework of civil legislation, which makes them more flexible and allows adding additional conditions to the standard agreement. Normative regulation of the negotiation process will place it within a certain framework, making it less flexible.

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