India antitrust body accepts Google's confidentiality request

India antitrust body accepts Google's confidentiality request
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According to Reuter's publication, CCI accepted a request from Google to keep certain information the company provided during its business investigation confidential, despite regulators denying allegations of releasing the investigative report to the media, said a judge on September 27th, 2021. Last week, Google sued the Indian CCI in New Delhi court, asking a judge to order a watchdog to prevent information leaks.

In its 188-page court file reviewed by Reuters, Google said it was unhappy with CCI's rejection of its motion, which anticipated media reports that it had provided "highly business sensitive information" to the regulator.

Judge Rekha Palli said Monday that the Chamber of Industry and Commerce agreed to accept Google's request for confidentiality of submissions without going into details of the agreement between the supervisory authority and the company. Judge Palli added that if Google "still has a grievance that any information is being leaked," it can go to court for help. However, the judge said that the CCI had dismissed Google's claims that it had leaked information to the media as false.

On Friday, September 24th, 2021, Google described CCI as a "habitual offender" for sharing confidential information in a nearly hour-long fight in court. The CCI's side repeatedly denied the allegations and accused the US company of interrupting the investigation.

Google's appeal in court, reviewed by Reuters, said that the publication of the investigation's results had "irreversibly damaged" its reputation.

Source: Reuters website

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