India to Seek Waiver for Green Energy Tech at G20

India to Seek Waiver for Green Energy Tech at G20
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A waiver of intellectual property rights (IPR) for technologies related to green energy and energy transition is intended to bridge the technology gap across G20 countries, informed sources told Mint.

With multi-level meetings scheduled for 2023, India, which assumed the G20 presidency in early December, would try to stress on efforts to make green energy tech affordable for all countries in the grouping.

The move comes against the backdrop of countries turning to green energy amid grave supply concerns arising out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“As long as we don’t share the technologies with each other, we will not be able to develop in terms of energy transition. It will take years to achieve transition without technology sharing. We should collaborate and keep aside the limitations of patent rights, copyright rights and intellectual property rights (IPR), and work as a team. That is the objective," 

one of the two officials cited above said.

India is good in some technologies; others are also doing work from the same technology, noted the official,

"If we combine the heads, then the growth in technology will gather massive pace," 

the official added.

The second official said concepts like carbon capture, utility and storage (CCUS) involve hefty expenses, and countries which excel in technologies for CCUS and other new and capital-intensive sectors should support other countries, enhancing accessibility of these technologies and boosting transition across the group and the globe.

India also plans to showcase a test case of CCUS to the group members during its G20 presidency, the second official added.

Source: Mint

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