Russian FAS was awarded the honorary prize by the World Bank and ICN in a contest

Russian FAS was awarded the honorary prize by the World Bank and ICN in a contest
Source: 23.09.2020 115

The ceremony of awarding the winners and honorary winners was held on September 22, 2020, in an online format.

The department received an award in the category "Compliance of industrial policy with the principles of competition", presenting the project "Transformation of unitary enterprises in Russia."

The Australian Competition Authority was the winner in this category. Apart from the FAS Russia, the honorary prize was also awarded to the Colombian Competition Authority.
FAS Russia was represented at the award ceremony by Vladimir Kachalin, Deputy Head of the International Economic Cooperation Department.

"In 2020, a law banning the activities of unitary enterprises in competitive markets came into force. This will help to protect markets from monopolization, more efficient implementation of the state's industrial policy and eliminate low labour productivity. This is most noticeable in sectors such as residential services. Previously, one company had a monopoly over the provision of such services in a particular region or area. Now several companies have begun to compete with each other for this market, and consumers have an opportunity to choose," said Vladimir Kachalin.

The award in such a prestigious international competition testifies to the recognition of the success of the Russian antimonopoly body by the international community.
"FAS Russia has been participating in the competition advocating competition between the World Bank and the ICS since 2015 and won three prizes in various nominations. The annual recognition of our achievements places us on a par with the world's leading competition authorities. If earlier we studied, now we can develop and implement our projects in state policy, which can become an example for the competition authorities of other countries," said Andrey Tsyganov, Deputy Head of the FAS Russia.

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