Russia’s Antitrust Watchdog Fines Apple Over $17 Million

Russia’s Antitrust Watchdog Fines Apple Over $17 Million
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The company has been fined for abusing its dominant position.

In July 2022, the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service found the company guilty of violating anti-monopoly legislation. Apple imposed on Russian developers of iOS apps the need to use the company's payment tool in their apps. For example, the App Store Rules prohibited iOS app developers from informing customers inside the app about the possibility of paying for purchases outside of the App Store, as well as using alternative payment methods. The Company required developers to remove links to their online resources and change the functionality of the application so that the registration form did not lead to external sites. Otherwise, the company did not allow the application in the App Store. 

As a result of an administrative investigation, FAS fined Apple 1,177,988,700 rubles (over $17 million) for violating antitrust laws. The company has to pay the fine within two months from the effective date of the document imposing the fine, according to the press service of the agency.

In September 2022, Google complied with a similar warning of the service and canceled the restrictions for developers.

Source: FAS

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