Russia's FAS Blocked More Than 1.7 Million Product Cards on Marketplaces

Russia's FAS Blocked More Than 1.7 Million Product Cards on Marketplaces
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It was part of implementation of practices for interaction of marketplaces with copyright holders and sellers in order to prevent sale of counterfeit products

It should be reminded that the document consolidating such practices was developed in July 2023 by representatives of ACLR*, marketplaces, copyright holders and FAS Russia. Based on the results of using the practices of Ozon, Yandex Market, Wildberries and AliExpress, Russia blocked 1,783,546 product cards in the third quarter of 2023.

When making a decision to block a product, marketplaces analyze a large amount of information, including the results of examinations, control purchases, and documents confirming the origin of goods. It allows to make informed decisions.

When preparing complaints, copyright holders also pay attention to "red flags" that may indicate the presence of counterfeit products: the price is significantly lower than the average for the product, a significant number of returns of goods of inadequate quality and a number of other indicators.

Such a mechanism of good practices is designed to facilitate the sale of original products and exclude unfair use of the rights to sell goods on marketplaces.

Based on the experience gained, ACLR, together with marketplaces and copyright holders, plans to develop a "White Paper", which will present successful practices for the interaction of e-commerce market participants and the protection of the interests of bona fide copyright holders, which can be used when filing complaints about counterfeit.

*Non-profit partnership "Association of Corporate Lawyers of Russia"

Source: FAS

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