Russia’s FAS Sent Queries to Three Chicken Meat Producers

Russia’s FAS Sent Queries to Three Chicken Meat Producers
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The authority will assess the validity of setting prices for products.

FAS Russia has found that the largest producers of chicken meat Cherkizovo PJSC, GAP Resource and Prioskolye JSC occupy a collective dominant position in the commodity market. It means that companies together can have an impact on the competitive environment, similar to the impact of a single economic entity occupying a dominant position. 

In this regard, in case of abuse of such a position and setting monopolistically high prices, antimonopoly response measures, including turnover fines, may be applied to organizations.

The authority sent requests to these companies in order to analyze the validity of the prices.

The authority reminds that Cherkizovo PJSC and GAP Resource also need to comply with the remedies of FAS Russia, which were issued when approving applications in the field of control over economic concentration. Organizations need to send to FAS Russia justifications for an increase in prices for chicken meat by more than 5 %.

After analyzing all the materials, in case of detection of signs of violation of antimonopoly legislation, FAS Russia will take measures of antimonopoly response.

Source: FAS

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