Director of the BRICS Competition Centre Alexey Ivanov Joined the Board of the Eurasian Alliance of Antimonopoly Experts

Director of the BRICS Competition Centre Alexey Ivanov Joined the Board of the Eurasian Alliance of Antimonopoly Experts
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In January 2023 the public association "Eurasian Alliance of Antimonopoly Experts" (Eurasian Alliance, Alliance) was created and registered in Kazakhstan. Director of the International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre Alexey Ivanov joined the Board of the Alliance. 

Eurasian Alliance continues the work of the former Eurasian Competition Association, while expanding the geography of its members beyond the EAEU countries. 

Members of the Alliance may be experts, lawyers and economists who have practical experience in the development of competition and antitrust regulation. Experts from the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russia have already joined the Alliance. The accession of members from Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan is being discussed. 

The Council (Board) of the Eurasian Alliance currently includes: 

Alexey Ivanov (Russia);

Viorica Carare (Moldova);

Irina Knyazeva (Russia);

German Zakharov (Russia);

Tatiana Ignatovskaya (Belarus);

Elena Bychkova (Kazakhstan);

Aliya Dzhumabaeva (Kazakhstan);

Elena Dobriyan (Kazakhstan);

Anna Kornilova (Kazakhstan).

Aldash Aitzhanov, President of the "Center for the Competition Policy Development and Protection" JSC, Chairman of Alliance of Antimonopoly Experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was elected as the Alliance's Council Chairperson.

The main tasks and objectives of the Alliance are:

1) promoting the formation of effective departmental and judicial practice of application of the antimonopoly legislation; 

2) assistance in establishing a constructive dialogue between the business, EEC and competition authorities of the Eurasian continent;

3) participation in rulemaking activities on issues of development and protection of competition and antitrust regulation;

4) Assistance in establishment of expert and professional community in the sphere of protection, development of competition and antitrust regulation etc.

The flagship annual event of the Alliance will be the Eurasian Antitrust Forum which will be held under the auspices of the Alliance this year on April 20-21 in Almaty. During the Forum the official presentation of the Alliance will be held. 

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