Alexandre Barreto Reappointed as CADE General Superintendent

Alexandre Barreto Reappointed as CADE General Superintendent
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The nomination was published in the federal gazette on Tuesday.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has appointed Alexandre Barreto for a new two-year term as general superintendent of the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE). The nomination must now be confirmed by the Senate. Mr. Barreto's current term expires on April 12.

President Lula also appointed André Luís Macagnan Freire as CADE’s lead prosecutor for the next 2 years.

In February, Valor Econômico, citing unnamed sources, reported on Mr. Barreto's expected reappointment. 

Prior to his first appointment as CADE's General Superintendent in 2022, Alexandre Barreto served as CADE's President from 2017 to 2021. He has a master’s degree in public administration from Universidade de Brasília. A civil servant since 1993, he has worked in bodies of the Federal Government of Brazil such as the National Treasury, the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service, the Senate, and the Court of Accounts.

Within the scope of his activities in the civil service are government management and accounting, control of procurements and contracts, tackling fraud and corruption in government, and fighting cartels in government procurements.

CADE has ruled on 134 trials so far this year, and 37 cases filed between 2005 and 2023 are currently pending on its docket.

In November 2023, President Lula appointed four names to fill the seven-member board of CADE. Prior to that, the agency had been inactive since late October due to the lack of a quorum for trials.

Source:  The Brazilian Report


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