Selection 2.0

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21.12.2020 2110
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Selection 2.0

Selection 2.0

The book presents the results of the "Selection 2.0" research project aimed at studying the key aspects of breeding and seed industry functioning in Russia. The project analyzes the current situation in the industry, identifies barriers and bottlenecks in its development, and develops proposals for its overcoming.

For the first time the authors describe the structure of the Russian breeding market for nine crops, give ratings of varieties and hybrids according to the set of characteristics, compiled by the results of the survey of agricultural producers.

A significant volume of the report is devoted to the description and analysis of the regulatory framework of the Russian breeding and seed industry. The state of Russian breeding science in research institutions and universities is assessed, the patent analysis is presented, and the issue of personnel training for the industry is highlighted. The business models of Russian and foreign breeding companies and the world experience of the breeding industry transformation are described.

The report can be used in elaboration of the development strategy of the Russian breeding and seed industry and its normative-legal regulation.

Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2020

Science editor: Ivanov A., Kharchenko M.Kulikov R.  

Team leaders: Ivanov A.Kharchenko M.Kulikov R. 

agricultural markets  Russia 

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