Amazon fined for not showing 'country of origin.'

Amazon fined for not showing 'country of origin.'
Source: 26.12.2020 135

The Indian government has imposed a penalty for not providing mandatory information about the products sold on its platform by Amazon, the leading e-commerce sector company. According to an official order, the company has been fined for not displaying the country of origin of the product and other information. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs issued notices to Flipkart and Amazon last month on such details not available. The ministry has imposed a fine on the Bangalore Company Amazon Cellar Services and all its directors under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Goods) Rules, 2011.

A senior official of the ministry said, "No investigation has found any violation after Flipkart's case, so it has not been fined." Has admitted that the vendors did not display related information about the products on its platform. The ministry has asked the states to ensure that all e-commerce companies comply with the legal rules. The ministry's November 19 order stated that Amazon's response was not satisfactory, after which it has been fined. An e-mail sent to Amazon regarding this was not received.

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