China Cracks Down on AI-Generated News

China Cracks Down on AI-Generated News
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The State Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said it is launching a campaign against fake news generated by artificial intelligence (AI), The Register reported.

The campaign will pay special attention to news providers like short video platforms and popular search lists. The org also cites AI virtual anchors, forged studio scenes, fake news accounts that are made to mimic existing legitimate ones, cutting and pasting news bits to skew storylines, among other methods that arouse netizens' emotions to gather attention and traffic, or even for nefarious purposes.

The CAC said it has already "cleared" 107,000 counterfeit news accounts and fake anchors, and 835,000 pieces of false information. The internet regulator urges citizens to report such fake news accounts as they encounter them online.

Last week, Chinese police detained a man for creating a fake news article about a train crash using ChatGPT. The news quickly spread on social media and gained 15,000 views. The police reported the motivation behind the crime was to increase traffic.

In April CAC published draft rules aimed at regulating generative AI algorithms. The CAC’s draft measures lay out the ground rules that generative AI services have to follow, including the type of content these products are allowed to generate. The content needs to reflect the core values of socialism and should not subvert state power, according to the draft rules.

Companies should ensure the data being used to train these AI models will not discriminate against people based on things like ethnicity, race and gender, the CAC said. They also should not generate false information, the regulator added.

Source: The Register

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