Douyin Removes Over 20,000 Short Videos for Showing Off Wealth

Douyin Removes Over 20,000 Short Videos for Showing Off  Wealth
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Chinese short video platform Douyin (the sister app of TikTok) has removed over 20,000 videos for flaunting wealth since the beginning of 2021.

It listed several types of content that it has dealt with, such as deliberately flaunting wealth, promoting “money worship” and more.

A total of 3,911 short videos have been cleared and five accounts have been punished from July 1 to July 18, said Douyin on Tuesday.

The platform said it will continue to crack down on content and accounts that spreading harmful values.

In June, China adopted new rules to regulate streamers. In particular, streamers are prohibited from denying or undermining the reputation of party leaders, using dipfakes, spreading "feudal superstition" and anti-scientific knowledge, showing “a large volume of luxury goods, jewels, bills, and other such property”, promoting elitist/bohemian lifestyles, etc.

Local authorities are required to regularly inspect video platforms and hold them responsible for any streamer who has violated these rules. Platforms also need to make sure no “tainted” streamers can come back under another name or migrate to a different platform. Relevant industry associations are also encouraged to create an appraisal system for streamers and routinely announce a list of those who have acted "against the law or against morals."


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