FAS fined Apple $12 million

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FAS fined Apple $12 million
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On April 26, 2021, the FAS Russia imposed on Apple Inc. a turnover fine of RUB 906,299,392.16 (over USD 12 million) for violation of antimonopoly legislation. In August 2020, FAS Russia completed its consideration of the case against Apple Inc., initiated the request of Kaspersky Lab JSC.

It was found that Apple abused its dominant position in the distribution of mobile applications on the iOS operating system through a series of sequential actions that led to a competitive advantage for its own products and, at the same time, worsening the distribution conditions for competing products - parental control applications.

The FAS also established that the provisions of the Apple documentation contain the unlimited discretion of the defendant, which may lead to restriction of competition in adjacent markets.

The regulator has issued an order to Apple, according to which the organization must remove from its documentation provisions that give it the right to reject third-party applications in the App Store for any reason, even if they meet all the requirements.

The directive also requires Apple to ensure that in-house apps do not take precedence over third-party apps and that developers of parental control apps can distribute apps to the App Store without losing critical functionality.

Currently, the execution of the order of the antimonopoly authority has been put on hold due to an appeal in court.

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