Google Сlaims CCI’s Order Will Lead to User Exclusion

Google Сlaims CCI’s Order Will Lead to User Exclusion
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Google believes that complying with the CCI order will lead to increased costs for app developers in the country and user exclusion. 

In its first big public statement since challenging the Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) $162 million fine levied in October 2022. The company also reiterated claims it had made in a Supreme Court submission this week, saying that the order will lead to increase in prices of Android phones and stall the ecosystem’s growth in India.

“For a country like India, where the cost of adoption is the biggest barrier to digitisation, this has had profound implications. More users have incentivised more developers, and each of those developers achieve immediate scale by writing a single app for Android," 

the post said.

The company claimed that the order will “increase exposure to online harm and privacy risks", claiming that ‘forked’ versions of Android aren’t as secure as the official version and could expose users to predatory apps.

“While Google holds itself accountable for the apps on Play Store and scans for malware as well compliance with local laws, the same checks may not be in place for apps sideloaded from other sources," 

the company said.

Further, Google said that by complying with CCI’s order, equipment makers will have to take up the responsibility of delivering security and safety features, which will require them to invest extensively and in turn raise the price of handsets.

On the other hand, app developers will also face higher costs, according to Google, since they will have to write apps for multiple different versions, instead of a single consistent version of Android. 

Mint notes that Indian app developers often refute Google's claims. For example, one of its speakers believes that Google's claim is contradictory “as competition breeds innovation which only makes technology more affordable".

The developer also added thatThe CCI ruling against Google is a "step towards ushering in the next phase of digital revolution" in India and "clearly encourages software innovation, which will only help bring down the prices of smartphone devices.”

Source: Mint 

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