Russia’s Sberbank to Close SberGames

Russia’s Sberbank to Close SberGames
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The reason for this measure was sanctions — the developer was deprived of the opportunity to publish games in major application stores.

Sberbank of Russia has decided to close SberGames due to external restrictions, some employees will move to work in other divisions of the bank.

"Due to external restrictions for Russian developers in the global market, Sber has decided to close the game direction," 

said a representative of the bank.

SberGames will stop hiring employees and stops launching new projects. Part of the staff (it has about 200 core specialists) will be transferred to other Sber projects.

CEO Alexander Mikheev also left SberGames. Before him the post was held by the founder of Game Insight Alisa Chumachenko, but she resigned on March 23.

Source: Interfax

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